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Popcorn 2016 Sales

Hello scouting families!

In case I haven’t met you my name is Jennifer Munro and I'm our Popcorn Kernel this year.  We have a very exciting goal this year to sell $10,000 of popcorn!!  I know we can do it because we have a crazy amount a prizes you can win!  Here are a few!

1.        When we hit our goal of $10,000 we are going to have a huge ice cream party! Lots of ice cream flavors, toppings, whipped cream and of course a cherry on top. And the den that has the highest sales per scout is going to be served their ice cream by the leaders of the pack! They will also receive an extra scoop of ice cream and special toppings exclusively for them. If for some reason we do not reach the $10,000 goal, the den with the highest sales per scout will still get an ice cream party but it will be at their den meeting and they will not be served by the leaders.  The top 3 fundraising scouts will get to throw pies in the faces of the Pack Master, Asst. Pack Master and the popcorn kernel. Then the top seller of each den will get to throw a pie at the den leader!!  Now that sounds like a prize worth winning!!

2.      For each scout that sells $600 or more, they will join the $600 Sales Club Prize and receive a special prize… Choice of a fishing rod, tackle box, or $20 scout shop gift card! (on top of prizes selected from at home sells)

3.      When you participate in Site Sales, the total of popcorn sold will be divided among participants AND HOW MANY HOURS THEY WORKED!  This amount will be credited to help the boys reach their prize goals!!  For example, Duncan sold $700 in Take order sales and worked 4 hours at the site sale that gave him a $150 credit in prizes, he can choose $850 of prizes! 

Wow!!  That is a lot of incentives!!  I hope you get everything on your wish list!!

Our Site Sale dates are currently September 4th , weekend of Sept. 10/11th and Sept. 17/18th.   It would be so AMAZING TO HAVE 100% PARTICIPATION from our pack and I would love to see all the boys come and earn extra credit toward prizes!!  Please click this link to sign up!


Finally, they have changed on-line sales!!  Our pack will now get 50% credit of all on-line sales and FREE shipping for any friends/family that order 3 or more items!!!  Please check out the attached file to see how to easily set up your on-line profile.

 Thanks again and please contact me if you have any questions.

Jennifer Munro          505-918-0963


Jennifer Munro


Important Dates to Remember:

August 23rd – Cross up meeting and popcorn rally! (Please pick up sales sheets)

August 27th  – Site Sale

August 28th  – Site Sale

September 3rd -  Site Sale

September 10th/11th – Site Sale

September 17th/18th – Site Sale

September 27th  - 1st pack meeting

October 14th – Take home popcorn orders Due to Jennifer

October 28th – Popcorn distribution

November 4th  – All money due

November 28th – Last Day for On-line orders and prize sheets due



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